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In-Depth Bible Study Academy

Become a Bible Scholar


Discover the beauty and depth of God's Word with Coffee and Bible Time. Our 12-course program is designed for those who crave a deeper understanding of the Bible. Our educators will teach you how to study the Bible for yourself, so you can become a Bible scholar in no time.

About the Program 

The In-Depth Bible Study Academy is a 12-course online program to teach you the foundations of the Bible and how to study the Bible for yourself. 

  • Each course costs $19.99. 

  • Each course includes multiple video teaching lessons, homework, quizzes, in-depth Bible studies, group discussion questions, Bible study resources,  and PDF printable.

  • Each course is self-paced with no time limit. Once you purchase the course you can always return to it. Each course can take up to a month to complete. 

  • Purchase of any Academy course includes entrance into our Bible Study community group where you can interact with other class participants.

Start the Academy Today! 

With a range of courses available, you can pick and choose which ones suit your interests best, or take them all for the complete academy experience. Our flexible program means you can study at your own rate and complete them at your leisure. Sign up today and start your journey of discovery!  


Meet the Teachers

Ashley, Taylor, Mentor Mama & Isabela

The In-Depth Bible Study Academy is founded on years of experience in studying the Bible, research, and degrees. Ashley, Taylor, Ellen, and Isabela will be your guides and teachers. 

  • Ashley: BS in Integrated Ministry Studies

  • Taylor: Senior at the Moody Bible Institute

  • Mentor Mama: 21 years of Bible Study experience

  • Isabela: BA in Biblical Studies and Master's in Theological Studies

We encourage you to do the In-Depth Bible Study Academy with a friend, small group, or mentor. 

Each course has group discussion questions to spark good conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do we have access to the course?

  • Forever 

When does the course start? 

  • You can start it whenever you want. It is a self-paced course that you do on your own time

How much does one course cost? 

  • $19.99 per course 

Is this taught live? Or at our own pace?

  • Pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace 

Is this for beginners? Or more advanced Bible readers?

  • For beginners (we start with the very basics of the Bible) and advanced (those seeking to learn how to study the Bible deeper and for themselves)

I just became a Christian, would this be good for me?

  • 100% YES. We start with the very basics of the Bible

Do the videos have closed captioning? 

  • No, but we are hoping to add this feature in the future

Can I stop/start course?

  • Yes. You can do the course at your own speed 

Can I repeat the course?

  • Yes. You can repeat the course as many times as you want

Do the courses ever expire? Can I purchase them late? 

  • These courses will always be available to purchase on our website

Is there a community page for those who have joined? 

  • YES! It is an amazing community! 

How do I access the course once I purchase it?

  • Go to our website 

  • Click the “log in” button in the top right corner 

  • Log in 

  • Now click courses (down arrow button in the top right corner or on the home page menu) 

  • Click on the course you are participating in. 

How much time is needed to complete the course? 

  • Each course will have around 2 hours of video content plus time to do the extra readings and homework

Can we watch / do the courses at a later date? 

  • Yes. Take as much time as you need. 

If I already know a lot about the Bible and are used to studying it, at what course do you recommend I start? 

  • It depends on how much you already know. Even if you know a lot about the Bible, you will still learn from all the courses. 

  • If you want to skip the first few and you already know a lot about the Old Testament and New Testament, I would say start at context (course 5). But if you already know how to examine the context of a text (historical, literary, immediate, and surrounding context) then jump to tools (course 8).