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Tools for In-Depth Bible Study Part 1 - Academy #8


'Tools for In-Depth Bible Study Part 1' is Course 8 of the In-Depth Bible Study Academy. In this course, you will learn how to use multiple practical tools for in-depth Bible study. You are going to learn how to do word studies (looking into the original language of the text), cross referencing, comparing translations, and how to use library tools such as commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more. Included in this course are teaching lessons, homework, quizzes, resource lists for personal study, and group discussion questions. There are four video teaching sessions in this course: - Word Studies - Cross Referencing and Comparing Translations - Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, and more Part 1 - Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, and more Part 2 This course is self-paced with no time limit. Once you purchase the course you can always return to it. You can complete this course however fast or slow you would like. For most people, 1 month is enough time to complete this course. You do not have to complete the other courses in order to take this course.

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