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Overview of the Old Testament Part 2 - Academy #4


Overview of the Old Testament - Part 2 is Course 4 of the In-Depth Bible Study Academy. In this course, you will learn about the poetry books (Psalms, Song of Sol.), prophetic books (major prophets and minor prophets) and an in-depth Bible study through the book of Habakkuk. Included in this course are teaching lessons, homework, quizzes, group discussion questions, and an in-depth Bible study. There are five video teaching sessions in this course (totaling 2 hours 5 min of video content). Each video will go through the Old Testament books and expound on their overall message, themes, theology, genre, and interpretation. The videos are: - Introduction / Welcome - Poetry Books - Prophetic Books - In-Depth Bible Study Part 1 and Part 2 This course is self-paced with no time limit. Once you purchase the course you can always return to it.

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