Coffee and Bible Time is a Christian YouTube Channel where people of all ages come together to learn,
grow, and flourish in Christ. Sisters, Ashley & Taylor, and their Mentor Mama are passionate about sharing
the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel message. They post Christian videos weekly to help encourage and equip women to be on fire for the Lord! It is their hope and prayer that you would be inspired
to delight in God’s Word and share that with the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out Coffee and Bible Time on YouTube! Grab your coffee, a cozy blanket, your Bible,
and soak up some inspiration from Coffee and Bible Time’s Christian focused videos.


God has called us to be the light in a dark world. Much of the world today is looking at a screen or scrolling the internet. We believe that this is a wonderful tool that can be used for good and for furthering God's kingdom. How amazing is it that we can reach nations through the lens of a camera and the touch of a few buttons! The internet connects us to multiple corners of the world, paving the way for the gospel message and the love of Jesus Christ to be spread like it never has before. After 2 years of posting videos and connecting with girls around the world, we have come to find that so many girls are thirsting for a deeper knowledge of God. Coffee and Bible Time has helped encourage girls around the world to seek Jesus and accept Him into their hearts and cultivate a desire to go deeper. It is our mission to teach these girls how to follow Christ and be on fire for Him through delighting in the Lord as they read their Bibles and grow closer to Christ. 



This is where YOU can help us! Most of all, we need P R A Y E R !  We believe that prayer is POWER! Please pray for the Coffee and Bible Time ministry, and for the online Coffee and Bible Time family! Please pray that through this ministry many would come to know Christ and grow closer to Him!
Pray that a domino affect would happen!
We want more to come to know God.


Day Spring Bible Journaling
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