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10 Bible Verses Every Girl Should Be Reading!

October 19, 2018

All of us ladies could use a good verse to cheer us up and spur us on! I have racked up here 10 verses that I think we all should be reading to help remind us of God's hand in our lives. It is easy to forget these powerful truths when we don't saturate our mind in God's word- so be sure to really dig deep into these!



1. Remember that He Cares for You


2. Remember that He Cares More About Your Heart than Your Looks


3. Remember that While your Circumstances may Change, God's Love for You Is Steadfast


4. Remember that God is Always With You


5. Remember that You Shouldn't Become Discouraged


6. Remember that God Will Rescue You if You Call on Him​


7. Remember that You Should Delight Yourself in God


8. Remember that You Are a New person in Christ


9. Remember that You Shouldn't Strive for God's Approval: We Have Grace!


10. Remember that God Has a Good Plan for Your Life




I hope that these verses resonated with you! I know that they touched me when I read them, and I never regret spending time reading God's word.



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