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Bibles We Recommend and Use!

September 12, 2018

We get asked these questions hundreds of times: What Bibles do you guys use? Do you guys have multiple Bibles? What Bible should I buy?


Let us answer this burning question once and for all by sharing with you guys the 4 Bibles that we have used, links to buy them, and the reasons why we love them!



 1. The Holy Grail, "I didn't Know I needed you In my Life Until Now" Bible!


Here we have the brand new "Illustrating Bible" from Dayspring. This is hot off the press... I mean it just launched this fall of 2018! This bible is perfect for the creative millennial! We absolutely adore this bible because...

  1. This is the ONLY spiral bound Bible to exist. The Bible is actually able to grow as you fill it with notes!

  2. The margins on the pages are huge making it the perfect bible for note taking, and drawing.

  3. The pages are a whopping 75% thicker than the typical Bible, making it so your pens, markers, and paints don't seep through!

When we got our hands on this Bible, we knew that it was a game changer. We have never seen anything like this, and that is why we call this the Holy Grail Bible!

 2. The Practical, Built for All Walks of Life Bible!


This is the Dr. David Jeremiah Study Bible. This is the Bible that I (Taylor) have been using for the past two years of my life. This bible has helped me grow SO MUCH in my faith, in fact, this was the only Bible I have continually used day after day without fail. I have seen teens use this Bible, all the way up to retired aged people... and we all LOVE it! I typically recommend people this Bible because of these reasons:

  1. It is filled with study notes! Whenever I have a question about a verse, without fail there is a study note on it! No longer do I feel frustrated and give up reading- I have a way to carry on!

  2. There is some space in the margins to write notes. While it might not be as big as our Holy Grail Bible, it is still a practical size.

  3. It is also filled with even more helpful insights such as book introductions, and helpful side bars such as "For Reflections", "Tough Questions", and "FYI".

For even more information on this bible and why my sister and I both prefer this as our current favorite study bible, watch our Youtube video I made on this bible specifically!






 3. The "Take Me Deeper" Commentary


Now, while this may not be a Bible, I know I needed to share this with you because this could actually be what you have always been looking for. If you already have a bible, which you most likely do, and you are wanting something else that will take you deeper verse by verse, section by section, than this is for you! We recommend the Moody Bible Commentary, our go to for when we have questions we cannot answer ourselves. 


If you love your bible that you have now, and just want something else to have on hand that can take you further, than this is for you. Written by Bible scholars- it doesn't get much better than this, believe me! When we get tough scripture questions asked by you guys, we often will go to this commentary; it is written so carefully with such expertise that we know it will give you the best explanations for your questions without have to search the internet for hours trying to find an answer even semi-satisfying.

 4. Ashley's Everyday Bible


This is the Bible that I (Ashley) post on all my instagram Bible pictures with. 

This is the NIV Zondervan Study Bible. I love how before each book there is a ton insightful information that helps me as I read through the Bible. The study notes are good - but not my favorite. I love how big the Bible is for note taking and studying. 




I hope this blog helped to answer your guys questions about our Bibles!

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