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Lonely? Here Are 3 Effective Steps In Making Christian Friends!

July 14, 2018


Friends can come and go over the years... But one thing is for sure: God purposefully places people in our lives at the right moment!




A true friend from God sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). We have all gone through seasons of loneliness only to find that God is faithful to bring us a friend right when we need them most. After spending 6 months together in missionary school, Ashley became good friends with Casidy! 


Friendships are a great way to build each other up, and hold each other accountable; a great way to laugh, and goof around. But most of all, friendships are a blessing that should never be taken for granted! Cherish every moment with the people God has placed in your life!


But now... Meet Casidy! She is one of Ashley's good friends who she met this past year at YWAM (Youth With A Mission)! After doing DTS in Pittsburgh (discipleship training school), Casidy went on to secondary bible school in Hawaii for three months! We were thrilled to have her visit us in Wisconsin before she went back home! Want to get to know a little more about her?



Q:Where is she from?

A: Pennsylvania


Q: What age is she?

A: 22


Q: What does she do for a living?

A: She is a cosmetologist turned missionary!


Interesting facts about her:

  • Her favorite pizza is Hawaiian!

  • She has a Pomeranian puppy!

  • She cannot go a day without doing her quiet time!

  • She likes to eat her pickles with milk!

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, "I don't have a good Christian friend in my life", and that is totally okay! Maybe God is wanting you to draw nearer to Him in this season of solitude. But, what helped me gain Christian friends were these three things (and in this order!)...


  1. Pray, without stopping, that God would bring a friend into my life that would be a good influence on me.

  2. Go to church/ youth group, even though I felt lonely! This included retreats!

  3. Talk to other people. (I needed to step out of my comfort zone and just let a rip!) No one got to know me until I started to talk.

Never doubt God's abilities to bring you a friend! From personal experience, I know how hard it was being lonely without a friend. God was faithful to answer my prayers however... and I KNOW he can do the same for you! 







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