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5 Things Christians Should Do Before Bed

February 26, 2018




 Here are 5 things christians should be doing before bed... You don't have to do these before bed, but I know I do these things before bed and they help me tremendously grow in my walk with Jesus! 


1. Get off your phone & social media.

I've personally made a challenge to myself to go social media free during the night time. This is my time to unwind from the day and a big part of unwinding, to me, includes clearing out the distracting things that can occupy my mind and time. I love using the last few hours before bed to focus my attention on God, and not the world. 

2. Reflect on your day.

Pull that journal out and let's do some reflecting! Wether it's writing out the sin struggles you had throughout the day or pouring your heart out to God - it doesn't matter. To me, I find it so freeing to write a little bit about the day and to reflect and see what went wrong so I can continue to work on it. We as christian should be reflecting on our sin struggles and trying to change these habits so we can look more like Christ in every area of our lives. Reflecting at the end of the day will help this! 

3. Be Thankful!

The Bible is constantly reminding us to give thanks to God! Really think to yourself.... when was the last time you thanked God for the blessings and hardships in your life? Do you do it daily? Weekly? Only at church? Giving thanks to God should be overflowing from our hearts all the time! I have found that by ending my night with writing down 5+ things I am thankful for that day helps me to see life in a different more positive way! 

4. End the night talking with God!

I like to end my night talking with God. Telling Him what's on my mind. Pouring out my heart to Him. Just being open and honest with Him. Sometimes I write it all out in a journal or I will simply talk to Him. God created me to have communion with Him... ALWAYS. God want's intimacy with me. Friendship. Connection. He wants me to talk with Him! That is so amazing to think about! And likewise, my soul is at peace the more I talk with Him. So end your night with prayer, I do it and I don't regret it! 

5. Read a christian book before you turn the lights out. 

I have found that reading right before I fall asleep makes me super sleepy!! I fall asleep in a matter of seconds after I read for 10 minutes right before I fall asleep. I also love reading christian books right before bed because it ends my night on good thoughts... and there are so many amazing christian books out there that I have on my list to read... maybe if I read a little bit each night I will make it through all the books on my list lol! 


I hope these tips helped you with creating a night routine that is more connected with Jesus! 

Let me know your tips down below in the comments :)




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