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This is the printable version of the Uprooting Lies Planting Truth Journal. 


Imagine this... your heart is a garden. It can be flourishing and thriving with an abundance of beautiful flowers and fruit. Or it can be dead with no flowers or fruit because it is invaded by weeds that are so deeply rooted that nothing life-giving will grow. TRUTH was planted in the garden that was thriving and full of life. LIES were planted in the dead, weed-infested garden.


What does the garden of your heart look like?


In this world, lies are thrown at us daily and it almost seems impossible not to believe them. BUT, beloved, take heart! God has given us the truth through Jesus Christ and the Bible, so that we can be set free from these lies! It is your choice to fight the lies and believe truth or just continue living in the lies you are believing. In this journal, you will learn how to deliberately fight the lies that are planted and rooted in your heart. You will learn how to uproot these lies and how to plant seeds of truth instead. It’s not enough to just know the truth, it’s time to start believing it. It’s time to start making that garden in your heart look beautiful again.


This is a 21 Day Journal and Bible Study that will help you fight the lies and start believing truth! This Bible Study Journal was created by Ashley and Taylor Krause. Christian YouTubers on Coffee and Bible Time.

Uprooting Lies Planting Truth Journal Printable