This is a PDF guide (that you can print off at home or use on your device). 

There is a total of 32 pages. The first section is a guide that you will use along with the in-depth Bible Study video on our YouTube Channel Coffee and Bible Time. The second half of the printable is a commentary  I (Ashley) wrote on Ephesians 5:15-21 along with the context / historical background of Ephesians. 


This In-depth Bible Study is called "Filled with the Spirit." This study will take you through the encouraging words Paul used to help the Church in Ephesus walk in the light rather than the darkness of their culture. Not much has changed since then. We still live in evil times and believers today are still tempted by the ways of this world. This is why we NEED the Spirit to fill us daily. This is just a peek into what this in-depth Bible study is all about! I hope you enjoy! 

Filled with the Spirit In-Depth Bible Study Guide + Commentary Eph. 5:15-21

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