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Our Top 10 Bible Study Tools!

Coffee and Bible Time FREE tools

Coffee and Bible Time tools for Purchase

Are you craving to learn God’s word and how to in-depth study it for yourself? Do you want to become a mini Bible Scholar without going to Bible school for four years?

We created the In-Depth Bible Study Academy which is a 12-course program that will teach you the foundations of the Bible and how to In-Depth study the Bible yourself.

Coffee and Bible Time Videos (helpful for Bible Study)

Coffee and Bible Time Podcast

2. Commentaries

3. Study Bibles

4. Timelines

5. Different Translations

  • Our top three:

    • NLV - New Living Translation (best for beginners)

    • NIV - New International Version

    • ESV or NASB - Very literal. Best for in-depth Bible Study.

6. Dictionary

7. Cross Referencing

  • Bible Hub- I really enjoy Bible hub for looking up cross - references. Simply look up the verse you are studying and then look to the left of the screen and other Bible verses will be there.

8. Sermons and Videos

  • Desiring God has amazing videos and resources! I go to Desiring God RIGHT AWAY when I need help with a passage.

  • Other amazing pastors are Francis Chan, David Platt, Rabbi Schneider, David Giese

9. Talk to a mentor or friend

10. Pens and Highlighters

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