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E.A.S.Y. Bible Study Method!

Hey Friends,

For those of you who are....

- New to being a Christian

- Struggling with reading your Bible

- New to reading the Bible

- Wanting to switch things up with your Bible Reading

- Wanting a tool to help teach someone else how to read their Bible

- etc.

Here is a NEW Bible Study method that is SUPER EASY and stays true to the heart of Bible study. The goal of Bible study is to come to know God and delight in Him and His truths! This Bible study method will help you as you study any passage in the Bible!

E.A.S.Y. Bible Study Method:

E – Enter into the story / original context.

A – Assess the main idea / theme of the passage.

S – Seek God and His Character.

Y – Yearn for a heart change and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

To get more details on how to do this Bible Study method check out this PDF Printable and check out our how to video on YouTube:

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