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How to Pray Using the Prayer Binder


Are you lacking motivation in your prayer life and desire to improve your consistency and relationship with God? Well, this hour-long mini-course is designed for you! You will learn how to pray using the Coffee and Bible Time Prayer Binder as a guide. Grab your Bible and the Coffee and Bible Time Prayer Binder and join Mentor Mama as she walks you through six video sessions including an Introductory session followed by sessions on each section of the Prayer Binder - Praise, Confess, Thank, and Ask. Training on the binder tabs includes background context, scripture verses, step-by-step directions, and loads of examples. You'll also have fun learning how to customize your own binder with pictures to make the prayer process personal. Documenting your prayer life for specific loved ones allows you to leave a legacy of how God works through the power of intercessory prayer. The last session includes a 30-day challenge to help build prayer as a habit and make it fun! Shoulder tap a friend because this course is ideal for doing together with an accountability partner. Or it makes a wonderful group activity with your small group, youth group, young adult's group, women's ministry group, or adult ministry group. This course is: - self-paced; no need to rush, you can spread out the sessions - repeatable; take the course as many times as you need to - pausable; pause and take notes any time during a session - available; the course will remain permanently on our website

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