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Abide in Me, and I in You - Video Bible Study


What does it mean to be IN CHRIST and to ABIDE in Him and how should this transform your life as a believer? Join Bible teacher Ashley in a study on John 14-17 to learn about union with Christ in the gospel of John. The purpose of this video Bible study is to teach the believer about the depths behind Jesus’ union language within the book of John. The believer will learn more about their union with Christ and will be encouraged to actively know the Lord and abide in Him. The layout of the Course - 7 videos (57 min): 1. Introduction 2. Context of John and Immediate Context of John 14-17 3. Defining Key Terms 4. Point #1 - Union with Christ is Salvific 5. Point #2 - Union with Christ is Trinitarian 6. Point #3 - Union with Christ is Personal / Intimate 7. Application / Challenge Included in this Study: - Video Bible teaching is done by Ashley (Organized into sections for your convenience) - Pre Bible Study Worksheet (PDF) - Worksheet to fill out while doing the Bible Study (PDF) - Gospel of John Guide Map (PDF) - Application questions and challenges to help you apply God's Word

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