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Trusting God with Your Love Story: A 6-Session Bible Study on Singleness & Dating

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Are you tired of waiting to meet your husband? Do you feel frustrated with the dating scene, or do you ever wonder if God has someone out there for you at all?

If you’re struggling to trust God with your future husband, you aren’t alone. For as long as you can remember, you’ve dreamed of falling in love and getting married. But as friends get married around you, and your family asks why you’re still single, how do you trust God when your biggest dream goes unfulfilled? And what does trusting God in this hookup culture even look like?

In Trusting God with Your Love Story, you’ll learn how to trust God as you navigate singleness and dating in a healthy and biblical way, including how to:
Wait on God’s timing for marriage, even when you feel like giving up
Embrace being single as you prepare to meet your future husband
Pursue healing and freedom from past relationships with men
Have confidence as you step out in faith to date and meet other single men
Live out God’s design for love and marriage

Are you ready to discover the plans and future husband God has for you?

This Bible study is organized into a 6-week, 5-day study, where you’ll study a different topic for six weeks for five days out of the week. Each day you’ll have Bible verses to study, devotions, prayers, and questions to reflect on with each topic.

You can use a physical Bible or a Bible reading app to look up scriptures.

If you want to do this Bible study with a group or with a friend, download the group discussion guide and a sample from the Bible study at

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