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Surrender Your Story

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Popular podcaster and self-proclaimed control freak Tara Sun shows how "having everything under control" is overrated--not to mention downright dangerous--and reveals the surprising, lifegiving alternative: only radical surrender to God brings the peace and fulfillment we yearn for.

Today's culture is peddling a seductive promise, a message that bombards social media feeds and dominates bestseller lists: you can control your circumstances and achieve any goal through positive thinking, organization, and sheer force of will. But anyone who's tried to white-knuckle their way to self-fulfillment has discovered what lies on the other side of this supposedly empowering message: frustration, disappointment, and exhaustion.

Tara knows what it's like to be obsessed with control--all under the guise of the supposed virtues of being self-sufficient, organized, and high achieving. When a battle with severe chronic illness demolished her illusions of control, Tara embarked on a journey of discovering the antidote to the burdensome and ultimately empty myth of control: surrender to the God who cares for us and has an infinitely better blueprint for a life filled with joy, peace, and meaning. Readers will

identify how the false promises of control and self-sufficiency have warped their view of themselves, their hopes, and their purpose;
learn to trust God--in the big events and the small details of their lives;
discover practical steps and strategies for letting go of control and moving forward in faith, even in the face of setbacks and disappointments; and
be inspired by examples from Tara's life and from the Bible of the strength and purpose that comes through a lifestyle of surrender.
For all those who are exhausted from trying to control their lives and disappointed by their unreached plans, Surrender Your Story is a welcome lifeline that opens readers' eyes to the beauty of a life surrendered to the Master Planner.

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