Cop In Crisis to Cop In Christ

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Every year in the United States, twice as many police officers are killed by their own hands, than are killed by a perpetrator or job-related injury. This heartbreaking statistic has been kept in the shadows for far too long. Officer Matt Thornton's story is about an unlikely officer's journey through the police world that was as close to ending as they come. After thirty-seven years on earth, and eight years in the police business, Officer Thornton was saved from becoming a suicide statistic in the most unlikely fashion. His journey from death to life started with one small act of kindness from a stranger. Little did he know that this act of kindness would be heard and felt by millions and take him on an emotional journey that would lead to many more lives being saved. In his own words, Officer Thornton writes about his God-inspired path that continues to this day. He is now a spokesman for suicide prevention and the CEO of My Father's Business, an outreach group for youth in his city. Officer Thornton doesn't take credit but points his finger upward to give God the glory. He is honored to tell his story and offer solutions to the ongoing pandemic of officer suicide.

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