Love. That’s what’s most important. Not the typical love that the world thinks of. But REAL love. A type of love that is selfless. A love that is humble and kind. A love that is sacrificial. A love so deep it could never be measured. A love that is bold, courageous, & strong yet gentle, caring, and compassionate at the same time. Perfect love. Undeniable love. Out of this world love. REAL love. Jesus Christ dying on the cross is love. God giving up His one and only son for me is love. My sins thrown into the ocean and buckets upon buckets of grace poured over me is love.

This love. This real & true love is what I want to show to you. This love that was shown to me I want to share it with you. Because I am filled with so much of His love, I want to give some away and watch it grow in other peoples hearts.

I hope this blog & my youtube channel does just that. Shows you love. I hope it also encourages you. Inspires you. Teaches you new things and ideas. I hope it brings you closer to Christ.


Overall I want to glorify God and further His kingdom.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Love & Peace,

Ashley & Taylor

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