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Coffee and bible time doc – self reflection


Have you ever struggled with the same sin over and over again? Or have you ever had one of those days where you messed up; your heart was just selfish and ugly which showed through your words, actions, and/or thoughts? Well I can tell you honestly right now that those days happen to me too, and there is constant sin that I need to be getting rid of.

I was journaling one day and decided I needed to DO SOMETHING about this. So I came up with this self reflection sheet to help me fight the sin that I need to fight – BUT not alone! With Jesus helping me every step of the way because I could NEVER do this without Him. The best way to fight this sin is by PRESSING INTO JESUS!

So in this self reflection sheet I hope that it will help you self reflect on your day, your motives, your thoughts, your actions, and those sins that keep coming back.

I hope it will not only make you reflect, but also help you to change your heart, change your motives, change your thoughts, and change your actions.

I hope it will help you TAKE ACTION & DO SOMETHING to become more and more like Jesus.

I hope this will help you as much as it helped me:)

Love, Joy, and Peace,


Check out my YouTube video where I go more in depth on this self reflection sheet!

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