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Coffee and bible time doc – self reflection


Have you ever struggled with the same sin over and over again? Or have you ever had one of those days where you messed up; your heart was just selfish and ugly which showed through your words, actions, and/or thoughts? Well I can tell you honestly right now that those days happen to me too, and there is constant sin that I need to be getting rid of.

I was journaling one day and decided I needed to DO SOMETHING about this. So I came up with this self reflection sheet to help me fight the sin that I need to fight – BUT not alone! With Jesus helping me every step of the way because I could NEVER do this without Him. The best way to fight this sin is by PRESSING INTO JESUS!

So in this self reflection sheet I hope that it will help you self reflect on your day, your motives, your thoughts, your actions, and those sins that keep coming back.

I hope it will not only make you reflect, but also help you to change your heart, change your motives, change your thoughts, and change your actions.

I hope it will help you TAKE ACTION & DO SOMETHING to become more and more like Jesus.

I hope this will help you as much as it helped me:)

Love, Joy, and Peace,


Check out my YouTube video where I go more in depth on this self reflection sheet!

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  1. Your Art work is absolutely amazing & i am going to show my daughter some of your fantastic tips you have for bible journalism💟As you are very creative🎨📚🌾🌻🌺🍃🍀🌾🌿May the Lord Jesus protect you & keep you safe in his sweet loving arms💚💛💜

  2. Hi Ashley, you and your sister are fantastic. I enjoy watching your videos very much. I am just coming through a very dark and spiritually dry time. Your videos have really inspired me resparked my interests and made my thirst for God greater. The Word says we are to be salt and light for have for me! Thank you!!! You’d probably both love Joyce Meyer. She has videos on you tube is on tv, numerous books she has written (all great) and two great study Bibles. The everyday life study and the Battlefield of the mind study bibles. Also is Charles Stanley. He is on tv has many wonderful books is on you tube and his wonderful bible is principles bible. These three I own and use. They are full of study helps and teaching notes as well as applications for the word to your life. Feel free to email me anytime at or even friend on Facebook. I’m Katie Bridget Lammersand my profile has a wedding picture of a friend of mine. Daniel O’Donnell. He’s very much close to God. A great Irish singer. He sings many things but has a few inspirational and worship type cds as well. I recommend Klove as a Christian radio station. Hill song is greAt but try this it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. God bless. Katie

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