Who Have Learned // Psalms 89:15 Journal Entry // Coffee and Bible Time






Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you. Who walk in the light of your presence O Lord. Psalms 89:15

Who have learned“…  Life is a journey. We have ups. We have downs. We often complain too much about the downs. But our lives would be drastically different with out them. Think about it. Through the ‘downs’ we grow. We are strengthened. We are pulled out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. We are taught how to trust. Our faith grows. We learn to rely on God instead of relying on things that could never sustain us or carry us. Through the hard times we LEARN! We learn to pray. We learn how to read our Bibles. We learn who God is more; we learn to acclaim Him! Thats why we have ‘downs’ in life. Through it all may we walk in the light of His presence because that is the absolute best place to be.

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