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I will never be able to explain to you how important Bible reading is to me. Like it says in the Bible, we should be thirsting for God’s word daily: “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God”(Psalms 42:1) & “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation” (1 Peter 2:2). God has placed a huge love for the Bible in my heart. I will take none of the credit for loving his holy word- but I feel so blessed that he choose me, gave me buckets of his grace, and filled my heart with a passion for his beautiful, soul changing word. It’s truly an astounding gift from God that we should never take for granted. I mean how crazy is it that we can hear from God whenever we want to? He talks to us right here in the Bible and to me that is so amazing.

So with that being said- I want to be able to help others and show others how great Bible reading is and how I do my quiet time. Maybe this will show you new things you’ve never thought to do before:)

This is my step by step Bible reading routine. Everyday is not the same but this is roughly how it goes:

1. Start off my quiet time with one simple prayer that I got from Francis Chan. This Prayer helps me to quiet my soul and open up to God. It helps me to connect with Him and prepare my heart for Him to fill me up.


I want this time to be more intimate than ever before with you. Would you create a whole new experience with you? Would you expand my understating of you and your love? Open up my eyes, open up my heart.

2. Next I go to my daily devo Jesus Calling. I absolutely love this daily devo so much. It is short and sweet but super deep at the same time. It has scripture tied into it which I really love too. This devo helps me to quiet my heart and get into the Bible. It teaches me new things daily and encourages me so much! If you don’t have this book I highly recommend you get it!

 3. Now it’s time to get into the soul food:) Currently I am reading the book Acts in the Bible. I read one chapter a day. This may not seem like a lot, it usually only takes me 5 min to read it, but I choose to read less a day and I really dig deep into what I read. So instead of reading a ton and not getting much out of it, I read less and dig deep getting a lot more out of it. As I read, I highlight and annotate and mark up my Bible! Im not shy about wrighting things down in my Bible. You may see a colorful mess but I see love, memories, lessons to be learned, and amazing scripture!

 4. After reading the chapter, I go into the study part. For the book of Acts, I have been doing a free online study and it has been quite good. It makes me reflect more on what I read. It asks me questions that make me think about what I read and what I need to live out in my life. Here is the link to the acts study I have been doing: https://newspring.cc/studies/acts-reading-guide

If you are reading a book of the Bible and you are confused or aren’t really getting anything out of it I suggest looking up a study to go along with it! It will help you walk through the book of the Bible and more importantly it will help you learn more and you’ll be more likely to live out the scripture. There are tons of free online studies! Just google it:)

5. After I read the online study, I journal about what I read. Journaling really helps me to engrain what I read into my brain! It helps me to remember more and then I am more likely to live it out!

  • Summery: I write down a summery of what I read so I know for sure that I understood what I read and so that the next day I can look back and remember what I read previously.

  • Art Journal Fave Verses: I then art journal any verses that really stood out to me or that I really loved in the reading that day. If I’m not up for artsy journaling that day then I’ll just right down the verses that popped out to me. (But I’m usually always in an artsy fartsy mood:))

  • What I learned about God: I then write down what I learned about God. This will teach me more about God and also helps me to ponder Him more.

  • Take Away/ Go & Do: This part to me is the most important!! Because what is the Bible if we read it yet never do what it says? Pointless!! So this part really helps me to write down what I need to be living out in my life. AGAIN If I write it down I am more likely to do it!

And that is a typical morning of Bible Reading for me:)

Go get your Bibles out and DIG DEEP into God’s word!! I am telling you it will be SO worth it to spend quality time with him!

Love & Peace,


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